How to Hand Out Promotional Calendars

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Welcome to the ultimate list of promotional calendar distribution ideas! Whether you're a social butterfly or prefer the quiet of your office, we're sure you'll find some ideas here that will work for you. We've even included some industry-specific ideas. Let's get started.

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  1. Go and say hello! Personally hand them out as a "Thank You" for their business.
  2. Include them with every order shipped in November and December.
  3. Have your route drivers or delivery personnel hand them out. Great for businesses that deliver merchandise, supplies, or even pizza!
  4. Have a small store or boutique? Place them in a basket by the cash register.
  5. Leave them on a table in your reception area—perfect for hotels, banquet halls, conference centers, country clubs and more.
  6. Mail to new businesses or homeowners in the community.
  7. Set up a booth at a community festival with games and hand out swag bags containing goodies and your calendars.
  8. Place them in bags at the point of purchase.
  9. Mail them with Christmas cards to customers. Hand write addresses on the envelopes for a personalized touch. Get more greeting card tips ➞
  10. If you give baked goods, candy, or fruit baskets to clients for Christmas, stick a calendar in the box with the yummy treats.
  11. Use them as statement stuffers.
  12. Give clients two and have them give one to a friend for increased referrals.
  13. Use them as invitations to holiday parties or open houses.
  14. Hand out to employees and new hires as part of a company welcome packet.
  15. Place in swag bags at conventions, trade shows, expos, or conferences.
  16. Give as event favors at a customer appreciation dinner.
  17. Leave them at businesses in your community: libraries, medical offices, churches, retail stores, post offices, hotels and restaurants.
  18. Hosting a year-end client appreciation event? Hand out client thank you bags with small logo calendars.
  19. Hand them out during a parade! Many towns and cities host year-end holiday parades, so walk along your float, handing out calendars to the parade attendees.

Industry-Specific Calendar Distribution Ideas

Daily Date wall calendar with bank logo and branding

Banks & Credit Unions

Place logo calendars on the teller's counter or desk. For business accounts, mail or hand out Daily Date calendars that they can hang on their wall.

Realtor promotional calendar and presentation folder


Include promo calendars in home buyer info kits. Tri-fold calendars are a popular option for realtors—since these calendars are printed in full color, add your professional headshot with your logo and contact info.

Z-fold calendar card for photography studio

Photographers & Portrait Studios

Place in new client welcome packets. Treat your calendars as a mini portfolio; print select photos on a tri-fold or wave calendar.

Pro Tip: Design a custom calendar with your photography and branded graphics, and highlight important dates, like when clients should call for senior photos. Check out our tri-fold or Wave calendars.

School sports schedule printed calendar

Schools, Colleges, and Universities

For elementary, middle, and high schools, give to parents at registration. For colleges and universities, hand out during campus tours. Booster clubs can also have their sports or music performance schedule printed on a custom tri-fold or Wave calendar.

Promotional calendars for contractors, electricians, HVAC, plumbers

Contractors & Construction Companies

For new and potential clients, place a small Value Stick calendar in a bid presentation folder. For established clients, mail or hand out Daily Date calendars at the end of each year.

Mini sticky promotional calendars for restaurants and food delivery services

Pizza Delivery & Take-out Restaurants

When delivering food to a customer, have your driver attach a calendar to the pizza box or drop it in the bag. Be sure to include your phone number, website, and special promotions. Our Value Stick Calendars are great for deliveries.

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