How to Send Memorable Business Greeting Cards

Stand out from the crowd and strengthen business relationships with personalized company greeting cards. Whether you want to say Thanks, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, or Happy Holidays, these tips will help your custom greeting make a memorable impression on your customers, prospects and employees.

Customize Your Cards with Foil Stamping

Custom business greeting card with company logo

Your cards should represent your brand. Personalize them with a crisp, clean, foil stamped imprint of your company logo, or choose a card with full-color printing to show off all your brand colors.

Include a Gift

Business greeting card with custom logo imprint

Adding a gift card, coupon code, or a special offer for a future purchase adds to the value of your card. Plus, a surprise gift is a subtle call to action that will delight your recipient, and prompt them to engage with your business.

Use Their Name

Custom business greeting card with handwritten note

Don't just write: 'Dear Friend' or 'Dear Customer'... make it personal! Take the time to write out each recipient's first name, or address the card to their whole family if applicable. It's a small detail that shows you value them as an individual.

Personalize the Message

How to write a personalized note in business greeting card

Take a line or two to expand on your reason for sending the card. Write a few short words to thank them for a referral, congratulate them on a promotion or anniversary, tell them you look forward to working with them, or express a personal holiday sentiment.

Use a First Class Stamp

Business greeting cards sent by First-Class Mail

Instead of metered postage, go with a nice first class stamp. has dozens of stamps to choose from, so you can pick one that fits your brand and your message. Choosing a custom stamp looks less automated and adds to the personalized feel of your card.

Hand Write the Address

Handwritten address on business greeting card envelope

Envelopes with real handwriting are a scarcity in the modern mailbox. Your card will stand out visually from the junk mail and bills. This extra effort only takes a minute, but leaves a lasting impression.

Making a memorable impression with greeting cards is easy.

Choose from hundreds of business greeting cards for your customers, colleagues, and employees. Just pick a stock sentiment and send us your logo. We make getting personalized, professional greeting cards easy.

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