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Whether you've never ordered promotional calendars before or just need to brush up on your knowledge, we've compiled a list of questions we've heard about promotional business calendars. Don't see your question listed here? Call us at (800) 475-2255 or send us an email—we're here to help!

Now, onto those questions.

What is a promotional calendar?

A promotional calendar—also known as advertising calendars or logo calendars—are calendars with your business' logo and basic contact info printed or foil stamped on it. It can also be used to promote and event or as a way of saying "thanks for coming." Unlike TV commercials, billboards, or website banner ads, promo calendars are a direct, tactile advertising piece that you give to whomever you want to see your message. No wasted pennies here.

The calendars we offer are made out of durable chipboard (cardboard) or sturdy white cardstock. Desk calendars are available with a variety of calendar pad sizes and styles, plus we have daily calendars, as well as full-year calendars.

Can I buy bulk promotional calendars for my business?

Absolutely. We offer quantity discount pricing on all of our calendars, so buy more and save!

How can I buy my calendars for cheap?

Order early! All of our imprinted calendars have discounted pricing through June 1. Also, calendar pricing drops with increased quantities, so buy in bulk and get more advertising opportunities for your dollar.

Do I really need a promotional calendar?

Do you want to grow your business? Maintain and strengthen customer relationships? Increase referrals? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then custom promotional calendars can help increase awareness and boost interest in your product or service.

Just be sure to give your customers a calendar they will use. For example, custom desk calendars are best for business-to-business advertising. Value Stick calendars are great tools for business-to-consumer advertising. The popular tri-fold calendars can double as calendars and cards in one, making it a great option for your B2B or B2C audience.

What if I want a custom calendar?

The sky's the limit. Whether want a custom design for a Wave or tri-fold calendar, or a unique, die-cut Value Stick, we can make it happen. Our calendars are made right here in the USA, so we can oversee the process to make sure you are getting exactly what you envisioned.

Please note that custom die-cut calendars may incur additional charges. Contact us for details.

Are promotional calendars effective?

Yes. But we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that they are the most effective when designed properly and handed out to your intended audience. Our art department will place your logo and text so that it looks its best, but if you want some helpful design tips, call us at (800) 475-2255 or send us an email.

I have my calendars. Now how do I get them to my customers?

Check out this comprehensive list of calendar distribution ideas.

When is the best time to hand out promotional calendars?

November and December are the best months to hand out those calendars because it's close enough to the new year to use the calendar, yet not far enough away to forget about your custom branded promotional product. That's why we recommend mailing calendars with your company Christmas cards.

Can I make a custom sports calendar?

Yes. Customers love using our Wave or tri-fold calendars to design their our custom sports calendar schedule. Just highlight your games (be sure to differentiate between home and away), add your mascot, your website, and other important details. Custom sports calendars made easy!

Do you have Spanish promotional calendars?

We have some good options for the Spanish-speaking market. You can design your own Wave calendar or tri-fold calendar, and we'll print your custom artwork. If designing isn't your thing, we have Spanish calendar pads for our entire Value Stick calendar line, as well as on select Easy Stick calendars.

Will my customers really keep their calendars all year long?

Yes! When surveyed, consumers say they keep their promotional calendar for at least 12 months. So you really will get a year's worth of advertising and brand impressions.

Should I buy logo calendars every year?

We think so. After having your calendar for just one year, customers will probably rely on it—and expect another one the next year. Giving calendars to your customers each year will help keep your company at the top of their list.

This is especially true for service professionals, like HVAC installation and repair, plumbers, and electricians. You never know when they might need your services, so help them out by keeping your business name and phone number readily available.

Still have questions about ordering promotional products for your business? We're here to help!

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