Fun & Memorable Golf Tournament Themes

30+ theme ideas for golf tournaments, fundraisers, and events

Save the serious golfing for the serious tournaments! Have some fun with your next golf event by planning a themed outing. From costumes and challenges to food and giveaways, you can have a lot of fun integrating your theme into every part of the event. The number of themes to choose from is limitless, so let your imagination run wild.

Pick a theme:

Themes Everyone will Enjoy

Men, women, and children will enjoy any of the following themes. These ideas work great for everything from a corporate-sponsored tournament to a park district outing.

Chip for Charity

It typically costs less to rent out a 9-hole course (often available through park districts); Spending less money on big-ticket items like your venue means more money toward your charity of choice.

Event Planning Tips

  • This is a great fundraiser for serious and hobby golfers
  • Secure sponsors for each hole to help offset costs
  • Consider raising funds with an auction or raffle

Disco Fever: A 1970s Flashback

Golfers will reminisce about cultural icons, historical events, and even slang from the infamous disco-infused decade. Break out the disco ball and polyester bell bottoms, and let the golfers boogie after their 70s-themed golf outing.

Event Planning Tips

  • Costume contests are fun, especially when platform shoes and leisure suits are involved.
  • A dance contest featuring the Hustle and the Bus Stop is sure to loosen up any golfer.

Golf Event Photo Tips

The most popular tournament photo is the foursome, which fits perfectly in any horizontal photo folder or frame. Take this group photo before golfers tee off at the first hole.

Other golf event photography options include a photo booth (indoor or outdoor) or an event photographer during drinks and dinner.

Golf photo folder for golf tournament pictures

Bonus Tip! Frame event photos in golf-themed photo folders. These make great event favors, and you can personalize with the event name, as well as sponsor logos.

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Like Father, Like Son

Whether you have a five-year-old son who likes swinging a toy club, or a 30-year-old who regularly reads Golf Digest, make it a day for the guys. If young golfers are involved, consider letting them tee off at every other hole, or keep it to a 9-hole course.

Event Planning Tips

  • A miniature golf course might be more fun for really young golfers.
  • For scoring with experienced golfers, you can either use the better ball score for each hole or take turns at each hole.
Golf tournament ideas for wildlife-friendly golf courses

Wildlife Fundraiser

Many golf courses are recognized by Audubon International for using eco-friendly groundskeeping practices and providing wildlife sanctuaries. Raise funds for a local wildlife organizations and have participating golfers identify as many animal species as possible throughout the day, giving the winner an eco-friendly prize package.

Event Planning Tips

  • Secure sponsors whose beliefs align with your fundraiser
  • Contact catering companies who specialize in serving local, organic food

Make it Mini

Take the professionals back to the basics… at a miniature golf course! Silly obstacles and colorful golf balls are sure to loosen up the pros for a memorable experience. Serve mini food portions for a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Event Planning Tips

  • Consider renting a hall or park pavilion for after the event
  • This would be a great team building event or company outing
  • Could also be a casual event after your school golf season is over

Country Western Hoedown

Ever made a hole-in-one wearing a cowboy hat or a bolo tie? Greet guests with some good old Hank Williams. End the day with some line dancing, offering prizes to those with the best moves or outfits.

Event Planning Tips

  • Most courses have footwear restrictions, so remind golfers to leave the cowboy boots at home
  • For food, channel your inner cowboy and serve up some hash, fried apples, and cowboy beans

The Roaring 20s

The Lindy Hop, art deco, prohibition… all culturally significant icons of the 1920s. Encourage golfers to dress in period attire, and finish off the day with a jazz ensemble playing music reminiscent of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. If professional musicians are out of your budget, consider hiring a local high school or college ensemble.

Event Planning Tips

  • Black and gold are classic art deco colors—even black and gold balloons will add to the art deco vibe
  • For formal events, consider having a cocktail hour
  • A soda fountain is a must for a more casual event

Golf Fundraiser Ideas

  • 50/50 Raffle: Half of the proceeds to charity, the other half to the winner.
  • Silent Auction: See if sponsors or local businesses can donate goods.
  • Business Sponsors: Sponsor anything: the tournament, the drinks, the golf carts, the holes, or even goods used at the event.
  • Golfer Sponsors: Golfers ask friends, family, and colleagues to sponsor them to raise money for your chosen charity.

String for Charity

Sell lengths of string by the foot to golfers. Many event planners charge $1 per foot. Golfers can then use their string to replace a putt or move their ball a given distance. For example, if you bought 20' of string, you could move your ball 10' toward the hole on the green, and save the other 10' for another shot. An easy idea for golf event fundraising.

Event Planning Tips

  • Don't forget the scissors; when a golfer uses a length of string, that length must be cut off
  • Have representatives from the charity at each hole to cut the string
  • You can also set a length of string to void a stroke

Holes with Personality

This is a unique way of incorporating sponsors into your event. At each hole, have a representative of from one of your sponsoring companies entertain golfers with mini games, like the "Chip it in…" idea, long drive contest with a kid's plastic club and golf ball, golf history trivia, and more.

Event Planning Tips

  • Comfort first! Provide sponsors with an umbrella, food and drink, and a comfortable chair
  • For longer events, allow sponsors to switch out representatives midday
  • Let sponsors choose their form of entertainment, but provide them with some guidelines
Casual golf event theme ideas from On The Ball Promotions

Chip It In

The concept is easy: get the ball in the hole. Only the hole isn't what it usually is. It could be a jack-o-lantern, kiddie pool filled with rubber duckies, colorful beach buckets, cowboy hat, golf shoe, or any fun (or funny) object.

Event Planning Tips

  • This doesn't have to be played on a golf course
  • Make it a contest for the least number of shots required
  • Would be a fun company picnic or family reunion game
  • Perfect for golfers of all ages and skill levels

That's Not How It's Done

If you feel like throwing your golfers for a loop, have them tee-off wearing oven mitts, putt with a hockey stick or tee-off with a putter and putt with a driver. If you think it will make the golfers laugh, have at it!

Event Planning Tips

  • Event sponsors can show golfers how to tee off at each hole
  • Need some silly inspiration? Just ask a kid how they would tee off.
  • Keep the humor going afterwards with a comedian for the evening entertainment
Fun and memorable golf event theme ideas for golf tournaments and outings

Mulligans For Sale!

Even the best golfers need a second chance every now and then. For charity fundraising golf events, charge golfers a set amount for mulligans.

Event Planning Tips

  • This idea can work well within any other theme, like disco or even on top of another fundraiser
  • Keep it fair by limiting the number of mulligans a golfer can redeem
  • Alternatively, increase the price for each mulligan redeemed

Fun Golf Event Themes for Women

While any of the themes here would work for a women's-only golf event, there are some that the ladies will truly enjoy. Read on for some inspiration on making your ladies day on the golf course one to really remember.

A Day at the Spa

Host the event on a short 9-hole course to ensure plenty of time for rest, relaxation, and reminiscing after some time golfing together. Invite local massage therapists, nail salon beauticians, and health food chefs for the complete spa experience.

Event Planning Tips

  • If the course doesn't allow for spa-like accommodations, consider renting out a local spa for a few hours after the event
  • We don't all live by a beach, but if you do, consider renting a tent on or by the beach for the serene water views
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Event Thank You Cards

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Desserts for women's golf tournament and bazaar

Golf & Bazaar for Women

Make it a girls' day out! After they've played a round of golf, invite the women to a mini bazaar in the clubhouse with handmade crafts, desserts, wine, and jewelry for a memorable outing. Invite local artisans and bakers to contribute their goods to the event.

Event Planning Tips

  • Turn your bazaar into a fundraiser by asking vendors to donate a small percentage of their sales to your charity
  • For another fundraising idea, bazaars and raffles often go hand-in-hand
  • To entice vendors, give them a discounted rate if they want to play the course

A Day for the Divas

From pink feather boas to zebra prints, get together with the girls on the golf course for a diva's day out. Invite an event photographer to snap pictures of the ladies in action, sending them all home with personalized picture frames to help them remember their fun-filled day.

Event Planning Tips

  • Remember, everyone loves a photo booth!
  • Hold a contest for the most wildly dressed diva
  • Can't afford a Hollywood actor for a photo op? A cardboard cutout might be the next best thing, plus it will surely provide a bit of humor.

Mad Hatter Tea Party

A little tea, a little crazy, a lot of fun! The Mad Hatter Tea Party theme is taking the party and event industry by storm, so why not bring it to the golf course? Dress up in your Alice in Wonderland best, and end the day with a tea party that will be the talk of the town.

Event Planning Tips

  • If it's nice weather, have your tea party on the patio or on the lawn under a colorful canopy
  • Decorate your tables with fancy teapots and cups of all colors and sizes
  • If the course allows, put a few lawn flamingos at each hole

Golf Event Sponsor Tip

When budgeting for your event, sponsors are your best friends. Appeal to more potential sponsors by offering different levels of sponsorship. And remember, don't limit sponsorships to just money; tournament sponsors can also donate goods or services.

Hawaiian Luau

While golfing in grass skirts may not be an option, a decorative hibiscus flower pinned in your hair on on your hat is a nice, tropical touch. Have a mini trivia quiz every other hole. Winner gets a lei. Golfer with the most leis after 18 holes wins a grand prize!

Event Planning Tips

  • Cover tables with a green table cloth and wrap a grass skirt around the edge
  • Contact a local florist for tropical floral centerpieces
  • Tropical drinks are a must!

Make it a Glamorous Cocktail Party

The golfing is fun, but the cocktail party is when you really get to kick up your heels, right? Dress up your reception hall like a black tie affair, with luxurious black or white satin or linen table cloths, ornamental centerpiece candle vases, and an elegant food display—complete with silver serving dishes.

Event Planning Tips

  • Silver, gold, and glass accent pieces add some sparkle to your event setting
  • Tealight candles add a nice, warm, subtle touch to any centerpiece setup
Cocktail ideas for women's golf tournaments | Women's golf event theme ideas

Make it a Casual Cocktail Party

If glitz and glam isn't your style, go the route of tropical drinks with those cute little umbrellas for a decorative touch. Keep the finger food small and simple, decorations bright and colorful.

Event Planning Tips

  • A bouquet of helium-filled balloons makes a big, colorful centerpiece or decoration
  • This would be perfect for a mother-daughter event (with kid-friendly beverages, of course!)
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Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

You want glitz and glam? This is the theme for you. Visit your local party store and go wild with glitter, silver confetti, and satin ribbons. Oh, and everyone gets a tiara!

Event Planning Tips

  • It's ok to bling out your tee markers with a Bedazzler
  • For the centerpiece, put a clear, decorative floral vase with candle on a small, round mirror

Around the World in 18 Holes

Channel your inner Phileas Fogg! Mark each hole with a flag from a different country. Serve lunch or dinner fare from around the world, including a description for those who are curious.

Event Planning Tips

  • Event invitations can be designed like a passport or vintage airmail envelope
  • Centerpiece idea: Paper maché a hot air balloon, attach to a small basket with wire wrapped in jute
  • Create an open-air photo booth with a world map as the backdrop

Golf Event Advertising Tips

Print an invitation and mail it to club or community members, alumni, or coworkers. Design your golf tournament invites and we'll print them!

Custom printed golf tournament invites | Printed z-fold golf event invitations

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Hello, Hollywood!

The red carpet, the fame, the glamorous lifestyle… if they can have it in Hollywood, you can have it on your golf course! Have ladies walk the red carpet to start the course, complete with a photo op. Dress up the cocktail party with faux diamonds, crystals, and upscale dinnerware.

Event Planning Tips

  • Put event sponsor logos on Hollywod star tee markers
  • Invite golfers to dress up as their favorite star, including the classics like Bette Davis or Elizabeth Taylor

Inspired by Music & Movies

  • Puttin' 9 to 5 (or Drivin' or Chippin'—take your pick!)
  • Bonnie and Clyde—a great theme for a couple's golf tournament
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • Swingin' in the Rain
  • Rhinestone Cowgirl
  • Golf, Girl, Golf—a nice play on Hollywood's 1940 blockbuster Dance, Girl, Dance
  • Oh, Pretty Woman
  • Girls Just Want to Have Fun
  • Dancing in the Green
  • Margaritaville

Need Some More Ideas?

  • School Pride: Wear Your Alma Mater's Colors
  • Route 66
  • Fiesta
  • Spooky Halloween—costumes required!
  • Rock n' Roll
  • Hawaiian Luau
  • A Golfing Safari
  • Superheroes
  • Life's a Beach
  • Tailgating
  • Christmas in July
  • Partner Up—switch off shots with your partner. Great for team building exercises.
  • An Ode to St. Andrews—dress up in tartan to honor one of the world's oldest golf courses

Great Giveaways for Golfers

Don't forget to send golfers home with a small gift to remember their day on the course. Whether you hire a professional event photographer or have someone taking candid snapshots of golfers as they play, a personalized golf-themed photo folder is a great gift for golfers.

Use Custom Calendars as Tournament Save-the-Dates

Mail a calendar to golfers in December reminding them about next years' tournament or outing. They'll appreciate the heads up about the event and welcome the handy reference calendar. Already secured some sponsors? Include their logos on the calendar. Their donations might help offset the cost of your golf event save the dates.