Business Greeting Card Etiquette

Business Greeting Card Etiquette Tips
Tips from On the Ball Promotions

The Dos and Don'ts of sending company Christmas cards, thank you cards, congratulatory notes, and more

Sending personalized cards shows thoughtfulness. It offers a traditional means of staying in touch in our social media frenzied society; taking a few moments of your day to write a personal note can really make someone's day.

Personalizing business greeting cards is a delicate balance between maintaining your professional relationship and adding a personal touch. Get some helpful tips for writing an effective greeting card message.

Adding Your Personalized Imprint

With any of our business greeting cards, you have the option to add your own personalization. Most people choose to add simply their company name and logo, leaving plenty of room for a handwritten message or a few signatures. If you choose a longer imprint, like "Thanks for doing business with Hart Roofing", consider putting just your business name on the second line, perhaps in all caps, to make it stand out from the overall message:

Thanks for doing business
with Hart Roofing

Thanks for doing business with

From all of us
at Hart Roofing

From all of us at
Hart Roofing

Business Greeting Card Etiquette Tips

But you want to add even more personalization, right? Before we get started on what should go into your personalized message, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Handwritten is the most personal.
    Yes, we offer foil stamped personalization, and if you are sending off a few hundred holiday cards then that might be your best bet. But if you are simply stocking up on birthday cards, add your sentiment of choice and handwrite a personal message to the recipient. At the very least, always sign your own name and handwrite addresses on the envelopes.
  2. Write it yourself.
    We've all seen it. The boss named Larry sends a Christmas card in writing that looks a lot more like it was written by someone named Linda. If you want someone to read your message and take it to heart, write it and sign it yourself.
  3. Get the name(s) right.
    Depending on your relationship with the recipient, it is often safe to be more formal and say "Dear Mr. & Mrs. Jones" instead of "Hey, Mike & Maria!" Another point to consider is spelling. Though a minor misspelling is often a trivial—and sometimes laughable—offense, you never know who might be insulted, so be like jolly old St. Nick and check your list twice.
  4. Speaking of holiday icons…
    Before mailing your annual holiday cards, make sure you aren't saying "Merry Christmas" to someone who doesn't celebrate the holiday. If in doubt, send generic holiday wishes. Our logo note cards are perfect for general holiday greetings.
  5. Dust off the dictionary.
    There is no automatic spell check with pen and paper, so if you are unsure of yourself write your note out on a separate piece of paper first and have someone else read it. When your professional image is at stake, it pays to play it safe!

How to Write a Personalized Greeting Card Message

Your personal, handwritten message doesn't have to be long, but it does help to follow these four simple steps:

  1. Greeting.
    Could be as short and sweet as "Hi, (name)!" or a bit longer and more formal, like "Greetings to you and your family".
  2. Specifics.
    Why are you writing this card? If you are sending a thank you card, come out right away and say "Thanks for your referral," or whatever you are thankful for.
  3. Elaborate.
    Take a few words—or a few sentences—to expand on your reason for sending the card. Congratulate them on a promotion or anniversary, tell them you look forward to working with them, or express a personal holiday sentiment.
  4. Closing.
    This can simply be "Sincerely," or you could devote another line to saying "Your support means so much to me."

Dear Mr. Jones,
It was a pleasure working with you this fall.
I hope you enjoy the new roof!
Happy Holidays,
Harvey Smith

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday.
See you at the conference in April.

Ms. Richards,
It was a pleasure meeting you at the chamber mixer. I look forward to doing business with you!
All the best,
Daniel Duntemann

Let's create your greeting cards.

Taking the time to create a handwritten message for a card is such a simple task yet it has the potential to make a profound impact. Whether you keep it short and sweet or embellish with a memorable story, adding that personal touch will surely be worth the effort.

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