Daily calendar pads for promotional wall calendars with tear-off pages.

Refill Pads For Daily Date Calendars

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Add your branding to this Refill Pads For Daily Date Calendars:

Daily Date refill calendar pads-no need to buy a whole new calendar every year.

Daily Date Calendars are perfect for year-round brand visibility. Customers will see your company name, logo, and image every day as they tear off the previous day's page.

These practical, easy-to-install Daily Dates calendar refills are the perfect solution for your yearly calendar promotion. Just buy a refill pad for your Daily Date calendars. Available in all pad sizes. 

Product Features

  • Reuse your calendar back!  Just order new refill pads each year.
  • Easy to read, bold black dates
  • Pads come individually shrink wrapped.  Easy to send to customers
  • Calendar dates begin in mid-December 

Product Specs

Not sure which pad you need for your calendar? Here's a list of what calendar backings these Daily Date calendar refill pads fit (our calendar part numbers are shown).

33R Calendar Size: 3" x 3" pad used on the 33-01, 43-01, 793-01, 73-01 and 83-01 calendars

45R Calendar Size: 4-¼" x 4-¾" pad used on the 794-01, 74-01, 84-01 and 104-01 calendars

66R Calendar Size: 6" x 5-½" pad used on the 76-01, 86-01 and 106-01 calendars

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