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Free ground shipping on orders $300+ (continental U.S.)
Free ground shipping on orders $300+ (continental U.S.)
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Promotional Real Estate Calendars

Maximize your real estate marketing with promotional calendars

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Promotional business calendars are an inexpensive, effective and unique marketing and advertising tool for real estate professionals.

The beauty of our calendars is that the entire line is customizable. Add your office name, logo, and contact information to a pre-designed calendar, or design a printed one from scratch to match your other marketing or promotional materials.

Why promotional calendars work for realtors

Whether you choose a foil-imprinted desk calendar or go with a printed tri-fold design, we can incorporate any logo or association marks onto your custom calendar. For printed calendars, consider including your full-color headshot. Upload your realty company logo (RE/MAX®, Century 21® or your own) and NAR marks (REALTOR® logo) with your contact information for personalized branding.

Do I give calendars to past, present, or potential customers?

It all depends on how you want your business to grow. Giving real estate calendars to past customers can generate strong referrals and leads. Giving calendars to current customers keeps your contact info handy throughout the buying process. Mailing or handing out calendars to potential clients is a bigger advertising gamble, but if you play it right, you can win big.

Set up a booth at a few local home and garden shows. The attendees are likely within your target demographic, and it's quite possible some are looking to buy or sell.

Wildlife trifold calendar with animal photos and real estate company logo printed on the bottom

The mail-friendly tri-fold calendar card

It's a promotional calendar and greeting card in one convenient package. Your logo and branding is printed in full color—and it shows when the calendar is folded. Mailing envelopes included to get your promotion up and running. Here's how realtors use trifold calendars:

  • In place of Christmas cards. Make a custom z-fold calendar card that has your holiday greetings and the next year's calendar.
  • As a save-the-date. Perfect for when you want to target a specific audience. Design the calendar to highlight the date, week, or month of your event.
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Black calendar with gold sides and golf foil logo imprint sits on an office desk next to a black phone.

The trusted desk calendar

It's classic, but it works. Desk calendars are popular as promotional calendars because:

  • Small size. Takes up very little space on anyone's desk or counter! The small size makes it easier to hand out to local businesses.
  • Angled makes a difference. These easel-back promotional reference calendars stand on a pop-out easel, which angles them just right. A flat reference calendar can be difficult to read.
  • Like a mini billboard. Make your name unforgettable! Be seen all year long with this practical desk calendar for realtors.
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Black house-shaped calendar with real estate company logo stamped in gold foil

The budget-friendly peel-and-stick calendar

They're small, they have sticky backs, your clients can put these anywhere! Check out why realtors love these little calendars:

  • Easy to mail. If you send holiday cards, these are an easy gift to slip in the envelope with the card.
  • House-shaped! Our Value Stick Calendar collection has over 20 designs, but we offer the house calendar (shown here), especially for realtors.
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Need help finding custom calendars with your logo? We can help.

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