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Ideas from On the Ball Promotions

Learn how non-profit groups can benefit from using promotional products—and how they can save money on them

The great thing about advertising is that it can reach a lot of people and bring in many new supporters. The bad thing is the uncertainty of whether or not it will pay off. We believe direct, personal advertising allays those fears. How?

  • People respond to something addressed specifically to them
  • Customization lets you add a personalized message
  • Useful products for the home or office will be appreciated

Non-Profit Promotional Products: Create Awareness With Personality

More often than not, the best way of reaching out to someone is a personal, face-to-face approach. Rather than spending money on a billboard or ad that may or may not reach your intended audience, it pays to personally give your supporters something to let them know you appreciate their donations. Let's look at a few ideas to see what can work for you:

  • Presentation Folders: Presentation folders with your logo are perhaps the most useful and practical promotional product. Folders are great for giving to board members, volunteers or other interested community members.
  • Easel Photo Frames: Perfect for giving away at fundraising events, volunteer days or as a thank you to loyal supporters. Have fun with your foil imprinting: add a catchy slogan or phrase, your logo or sponsor's name or simply say "Thanks for your continued support".
  • Holiday Greeting Cards: If you can afford just one advertising opportunity this year, send personalized holiday greeting cards. People love to give during the holiday season, so send out a card in early December to remind them of your cause.
  • Promotional Calendars: Calendars are perfect for advertising your message 365 days a year. From the fun and funky 3D Wave calendar to the useful pocket planner, we'll help you find the best one for your needs.

Can't Afford Branded Giveaways? Ask for Assistance from Local Businesses.

While it might seem like you're being forceful, this tactic helps both parties. If you see a photo frame that will work perfectly at your next fundraising event but you've already spent that money on catering, ask a member of your local chamber of commerce to help cover the cost of the frames. How do they benefit? With optional personalization, you could add your not-for-profit's name AND the company's name as a contributing sponsor. Less money from your budget, and an easy advertising opportunity for them.

Another option is to ask businesses to donate other goods, thereby freeing up funds to use toward the event or other charity aspects. Have a board member who owns the local grocery store? Ask for food donations instead of paying for catering for your event. You would be amazed at the connections some of your supporters might have and how they can benefit your organization.

But It's Not All About Spending Money On Promotional Products: Don't Forget the Free Stuff!

Promotional products are a great tangible, memorable item for your supporters, but an online presence is invaluable. Social media is a great, free resource for any organization to help generate interest in your group or cause.

  • Start a Blog: This is the easiest and most personal way to tell your story. Keep readers updated with stories, photos, videos, and contests.
  • Utilize Facebook: Create a fan page or group, engage your audience (ask for their opinions), post events, and share photos.
  • Get Active on Pinterest: Pinterest has taken the world of social media by storm. Create boards featuring inspirational images, motivational quotes or pictures you find of people doing charitable work. See how the National Resources Defense Council is effectively utilizing this tool.
  • Update on Twitter: Hashtags are everywhere! Create a hashtag to get people talking about your cause. And don't be afraid to ask for a retweet to gain even more exposure for your organization.
  • Share Photos on Instagram: Share photos of events, at the office, or even inspirational quotes.
  • Post Videos on YouTube: If your non-profit has events or volunteer work days, post a video of your crew hard at work—and having fun! Create a YouTube channel for supporters to follow.

Let's start your promotion.

Whatever your promotional products needs, On The Ball has a variety of timeless promotional products. Ordering logoed giveaway items online is quick and easy, with upfront product pricing. Start shopping now, or call one of our promotional product representatives today.—shop our site and discover the possibilities.