Promotional Calendars for Insurance Agents

Insurance promotional calendars
Recommendations from On the Ball Promotions

Promote your insurance agency with inexpensive—but effective—promotional calendars

Promotional ad calendars are easy giveaway items for your clients. Have a meeting with a client? Hand them a calendar. Mailing out company Christmas cards? Stick a calendar in the envelope.

The beauty of our calendars is that the entire line is customizable. Add your office name, logo and contact information to a pre-designed calendar, or design a printed one from scratch to match your other marketing or promotional materials.

How to make promotional calendars work for your insurance agency

Personalized calendars give you a full year of direct advertising—for just pennies per day. And giving them to clients is a piece of cake. Hand them to clients after a meeting, mail them to new residents in your community, or send them out with your company Christmas cards. Whether you choose a foil-imprinted desk calendar or a printed tri-fold design, we can put your logo on any promotional calendar.

Calendars we recommend for insurance agents & companies

The mail-friendly tri-fold calendar

It's a promotional calendar and greeting card in one convenient package. Your logo and branding is printed in full color—and it shows when the calendar is folded. Mailing envelopes included to get your promotion up and running. Here's how healthcare groups use trifold calendars:

  • In place of Christmas cards. Make a custom z-fold calendar card that has your holiday greetings and the next year's calendar.
  • As a save-the-date. Perfect for when you want to target a specific audience. Design the calendar to highlight the date, week, or month of your event.

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Tri-fold promotional calendar, z fold calendar card

The trusted desk calendar

It's classic, but it works. Desk calendars are popular as promotional calendars because:

  • Small size. Takes up very little space on anyone's desk or counter! The small size makes it easier to hand out to local businesses.
  • Angled makes a difference. These easel-back promotional reference calendars stand on a pop-out easel, which angles them just right. A flat reference calendar can be difficult to read.
  • Like a mini billboard. Promote a your services, advertising upcoming events, or simply use it to keep your name top-of-mind all year long.

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Promotional desk calendar with company logo

The affordable peel-and-stick promotional calendar

Not sure where your clients might want to use promo calendars? Give them something that goes anywhere. Here's why mini sticky calendars are so popular:

  • These sticky-back calendars stick anywhere. On the cabinet, fridge, by the phone, car dashboard… anywhere. Give your clients the option where to display your real estate business name.
  • Easy to mail! If you're already sending Christmas cards to clients, slip a mini sticky calendar in there for some added advertising potential.

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Insurance mini promotional calendar with sticky back

Let's start your promotion.

Whatever your promotional products needs, On The Ball has a variety of timeless promotional products. Ordering logoed giveaway items online is quick and easy, with upfront product pricing. Start shopping now, or call one of our promotional product representatives today.—shop our site and discover the possibilities.