Promotional Calendars for Hospitals & Healthcare

Healthcare Promotional Calendar Ideas
Recommendations from On the Ball Promotions

Promote your hospital, medical office, or awareness group with inexpensive—but effective—promotional calendars

Promotional calendars for hospitals are an inexpensive and effective giveaway item for healthcare centers and health awareness groups. The beauty of our calendars is that the entire line is customizable. Add your office name, logo, and contact information to a pre-designed calendar, or design a printed one from scratch to match your other marketing or promotional materials.

Why promotional calendars work for the health care industry

Whether you are a family physician or your company supplies medical equipment to healthcare facilities, the direct advertising a calendar provides cannot be ignored. Compared to advertising in local media or online, the marketing appeal of promotional calendars is that they advertise your service directly to those who receive it.

Health care promotional calendars can be used as a business-to-business marketing piece, as an inexpensive gift to volunteers, or direct to patients, reminding them to schedule yearly exams.

Calendars we recommend for hospitals and medical offices

Make your brand POP with these 3D pop-out calendars

This eye-catching promotional calendar for healthcare might stand at a mere 6" tall, but it makes quite an impact. Your logo and branding is printed on both sides! Here's where these are used:

  • Reception desks. These calendars are printed with January–June on one side, July–December on the other. This makes it easy for patients to check dates to schedule future appointments.
  • Info desk. If there is a central informational desk at your hospital or medical facility, put these calendars on the desk to promote a healthy message or educate patients.

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Custom printed 3D Wave pop-out calendar for promoting your small business

The mail-friendly tri-fold calendar

It's a promotional calendar and greeting card in one convenient package. Your logo and branding is printed in full color—and it shows when the calendar is folded. Mailing envelopes included to get your promotion up and running. Here's how healthcare groups use trifold calendars:

  • In place of Christmas cards. Make a custom z-fold calendar card that has your holiday greetings and the next year's calendar.
  • As a save-the-date. Perfect for when you want to target a specific audience. Design the calendar to highlight the date, week, or month of your event.

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Tri-fold promotional calendar, z fold calendar card

The trusted desk calendar

It's classic, but it works. Desk calendars are popular as reference calendars because:

  • Small size. Takes up very little of your desk! Either place on the reception desk so patients can check dates or keep by the phone.
  • Angled makes a difference. These easel-back promotional reference calendars stand on a pop-out easel, which angles them just right. A flat reference calendar can be difficult to read.
  • Like a mini billboard. Promote a medical office, a service, or even health advice, like regular screenings.

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Reference calendar with promotional message

Let's start your promotion.

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