Large political and pool company door hangers
Pool company advertisement on a door

Large Door Hanger

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Add your branding to this Large Door Hanger:

Custom printed large door hangers are 13" tall—you get over a foot of full-color advertising!

Our door hangers mean business. What do we mean by that? They're made out of sturdy white cardstock. Think quality greeting card material. They also come with the door knob hole punched out. Why does this matter? If you're ordering door knob hangers in bulk, and you have to punch out every. single. hole… it matters.

Order cheap door hangers online from the competition, and you'll get flimsy products, plus you'll have to punch out all of those holes. Doesn't sound like fun, does it? Order from On The Ball Promotions for quality advertising door hangers. Your logo and branding is printed on the front and back for even more brand exposure.

Who uses custom door hangers? 

Our large printed doorknob hangers are popular with contractors, roofers, landscaping companies, realtors, and hotels. But there are so many creative ways to use promotional door hangers. Here are a few ways we've seen our customers get creative with this practical promotional product:

  • Service Menu: When standard doesn't have enough space, go big. Our larger door hangers have space to print your entire service offering—on one side or both.
  • Utilities: If there is work being done one or near a property, leave a door hanger with an explanation and contact info in case the homeowners have questions.
  • Bilingual & Hispanic Business Owners: Some of our customers serve both the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking markets. To relate their ad to both markets, they design door hangers with English on one side and Spanish on the other. Both sides have a glossy finish, so one message doesn't upstage the other.
  • Realtors: Let neighbors know when a property is available.  Keeps your agency name as part of the "what's happening down the street" conversation.

Product Features

  • Design your own door hanger with your logo, branding, and photos
  • Printed on sturdy cardstock-won't blow off the door or rip when hanging them up
  • Glossy finish on front and back for vibrant colors
  • Pre-punched door knob hole with hidden slit for a consistent, unbroken design
  • FREE backside printing and no hidden fees
  • Made in the USA

Product Specs

Overall Size: 4" x 13"

Need help designing your door hanger? Contact us. Our branding experts are here to help.